What BtS Flex Arm Works For What Video Light?

It has been brought to our attention that there needs to be some clarity as to what light fit what BtS arms, So here goes.

AL or UK refers to the Underwater Kinetics brand Aqualite and that is all it fits.8b757bd414096e10167decb5ff473a79c0616c92_300x300ALPro100-LargeImage

To the left above is the old model black 500 lumen and to the right above the new 1000 lumen model. Both of these lights work with the AL or UK arm. As seen here on our  Facebook Page

UNI stands for universal mount  but not totally in the literal sense of the word. It will work for any round lights that have a diameter of 3/4″ to 1 3/8″ max. like the Big Blue AL 1000WP for example shown below.






SOLA stands for the Lights and Motion Sola lights 850_0286_video_2100sf_45left as seen here to the left the arm will slide into the light and connect with a single 10-32×1/4″ screw as seen here. this will not fit the older model light that had the 1/4-20 connection screw.



The lights and Motion Gobe light 856-0509_gobe700wide_1

seen above, doesn’t use the same mounting solution as the standard Sola lights do. It has a curved contoured bottom, so if you are buying a arm for the Gobe light you need to use the YS version BtS arm and purchase the Gobi adapter for YS  as seen here to the right.         804-0184_ysmount

BtS YS arm ends will fit a wide variety of lights from many manufacturers. A_cid_060a8651-03e8-4f78-95b2-7b367c8625eb_1s seen here for example.




BBIG is for the Big Blue light that come with the big blue ball mount as seen in this photo here.VL2800P_1200x900


Here is a list of compatable lights for this mount

VL5800P, VTL5000P, VL15000PM, VL25000P, AL1800WP, VTL2800P, VL2500P

There may be others now,  but at the time I did the resurch this was it.

I hope this helps clear up any question that may of been unanswered.

Please comment if you have other lights that fit out arm we would love to here about it.



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