August 2, 2015Versatility, Options, Security by Wayne MacWilliams


Digital camera technology has been wonderful with all the new features constantly coming of age, even as we speak. Getting access to these features u/w is a real challenge for housing /supplemental/accessory manufacturers. Quality, integrity, dependability and ease of use come to mind when thinking of outfitting your camera setup. Especially when you know it is about to be submerged in a beautiful but rather hostile environment, when it comes to photographic equipment. For those reasons, I use Bts1 equipment. When the desired image is fast approaching, that is not a good time to be struggling with adjustments, it needs to happen and happen quickly and easily. I have mounted the quick release bases that hold variable length flex arms with the YS end fittings (my choice because you can also select ball fittings).  This allows me to quickly mount and adjust my S&S D1 strobes and/or my Big Blue 5800 lumen focus/video lights. I can also use my carbon fiber float arms attached to ball mounts on the handles. This setup can be quickly and easily adjusted for macro / CFWA/WA and video.20150719Nauticam D7000_KWM84020049If I am doing macro, using just the flex arms allows me to adjust the strobe(s) VERY quickly with 1 hand-which is very nice.

20150719Nauticam D7000_KWM8400004720150719Nauticam D7000_KWM84010048Likewise, the same goes if I have the video/focus lights attached. If I want to remove either the strobe(s) or light(s) for some different/creative lighting then slide down top of base-turn flex arm-lift=done. Even easier to put back on. I enjoy creative lighting which includes snoot

20141120Scuba Diving Magazine Photo Contest20141120Atmospere Dive Philippines_KWM12690025001320140725BHB SFUPS Night Dive UW_KWM81020066 or focus lights20150620untitled_KWM47970175 20150620untitled_KWM47490137that I either hand hold the flex arm or if the subject allows for it, I quickly disconnect from housing and snap in place onto my Jobo tripod, which already has a quick release base.20150719Nauticam D7000_KWM83990046

I almost always dive with 2 or 3 D1’s “and” 1 or 2 Big Blue video/focus lights. This set up allows me versatility for whatever may swim my way. I have included some images where for one reason or another I have chosen to use my focus lights vs my strobes to capture images(overabundant backscatter, strobe(s) issue, shutter speed/strobe synch speed etc). So, I turn off strobes, make a couple camera adjustments and take the shots with lights only. 20140321Crystal Blue_KWM6228001220140321Crystal Blue_KWM62330017

Double exposures in camera that requires quick disconnect of snooted strobe mounted on tripod for half the image and half the image connected. 20150529Scuba Diving Magazine Photo Contest20150529 BHB 60 Macro Snoot UW_KWM107700570031

It is just nice to have options. One other nice feature is the coated steel cable that is inside of the flex arms which connects the ends. That one little piece of security may not seem like much until you return from a dive at night/rough water/strong current/ deepwater etc. and someone on the boat inadvertently grabs a flex arm from ANY manufacturer to bring camera on board. If it separates as you are climbing up the ladder-its GONE. With Bts1 design the flex arm ends are still connected. Breath a sigh of relief,  snap arm back together-live to shoot another day. Peace and order have been returned, life is good !

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