February 6, 2014 Squidlets! By Gayle Van Leer


This is an update to my original story written in December so you may want to read that story first. We made multiple trips back to the large beds of California Market squid (Loligo opalescens) egg capsules which was located off the Point Loma peninsula in the San Diego California area.

They ended up hatching within 30 days probably because the water has been warmer than normal, mid 50’s instead of the usual for this time of year of the low 50’s and even into the 40’s. The BTS flex arms and light weight travel tray made coordinating the camera and the back lighted egg capsules that were swaying in the surge, a fairly straight forward process. The fun was seeing what I came up with after the 3rd try. Squidlets! As you can see in these photos I probably only missed the actual hatching by a day or even hours.

Photo captions:
You can match up the original photo with the zoomed in one by using the numbers in the file name.

1011262_591679010906164_880309950_n 1656086_591679007572831_2139918642_n 1779753_591679040906161_62480518_n 1890994_591679014239497_1260243728_n

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