Macro Backlighting Tip of the Day By: Andrew Sallmon

Macro Backlighting Tip of the Day: Use BtS 21″Flex arms!
I prefer extra long 21″ flex arms so that I can position one of my Sea and Sea YS-D1 strobes all the way behind my subject. Its light creates a sharp defined outline. This is called backlighting, or rim lighting. On the front side, my other YS-D1 strobe creates light for color, contrast and detail.
For most of my macro work I also prefer to use “snoots” to concentrate the light on my subject. Accurate aiming is essential with “snoots” as well as the ability to quickly move the arms to make minute changes so that the strobes are on target. Again, for this I use BTS 21″ flex arms. Another benefit of flex arms for macro is that they are faster to position than ball-jointed arms since you do not have to loosen any clamps to move them.
Ultimately my BtS 21″ flex arms allow me to make quick and subtle changes to my strobe positioning, giving me the widest set of options for lighting small macro subjects.


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